Sunday, November 30, 2014

Blog post #5 Part 2

Final Summary of My Personal Learning Network


After having expanded my PLN for several weeks now, it has grown a bit. I mostly use twitter, following some suggested fellow educators and reading a bit of what they have to say. I also follow a few teacher blogs, that I would consider a part of my PLN, they really have great ideas that I am inspired by. Overall, I would say that I am far from being done with growing my PLN, I would like to continue to watch it grow in the future. 

Some suggested PLN
  • @rickytrione
  • @petervogel
  • @courosa
  • @wmchamberlain
And many more, it's not hard to find when you start searching! 

Friday, November 28, 2014

C4T #4

Comment For Teacher #4
Mrs. Sandi's Blog Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes
Visit her Blog here

Post: "Poppies for Remembrance Day"
Sandi's latest post was on "Remembrance Day" which i found out is an occasion that a few places around the world celebrate. (Commonwealth of Nations) She introduced her Kindergartners to this idea with a craft project; making their own fingerprint poppy flowers. This was my comment:

"Hi Sandi, My name is Emily and I am a student at South Alabama in EDM310, and I really like the crafts inspired by "Remembrance Day". I actually didn't know much about this occasion until I read your post, and was inspired to research it a little bit. I think it is a very sweet lesson to teach the kindergartners and their art work turned out beautifully. My Geology teacher was also wearing a poppy on Tuesday, he is from Canada, and he talked about the day a little before class.
Have a great week!

Post: "Starry Night Sensory Tray"
This post was about a very creative idea for her students, while studying Van Gogh's Starry Night. She gives her thought process, detailed instruction and beautiful pictures. I suggest everyone to visit her blog to see the student's creations for themselves.

"Hi Sandi, I am amazed at how simple, yet amazing this sensory tray turned out. I agree that some things are so obvious we need to take a step back to see them, but this was a brilliantly simple activity to convey the movement in "Starry Night," which is a painting that has always been one of my favorites. I hope I can make these fun activities for my students when I become a teacher. Have a great week!

Starry night painting
Starry Night

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Blog Post #14

Teaching Can Be a Profession

Joel Klein published an article in the USA Today (11.17.14) that includes several problems and solutions for the education system to consider. Find the article Here .

List of problems:

  • Picking from the Best
  • Teacher Seniority
  • Policing the Profession

& Their solutions...

Picking from only the best teachers available would certainly increase the value of our current education system. If you can get your teaching certification and pass an interview, then chances are you can get a teaching job, but should it be that easy? And shouldn't we want better for our children? When you have only the best teachers, then the students are taught more effectively and have a better chance for success in the future. The solution to this should start in college, when people are training to become teachers, perhaps a more rigorous training program would "weed out" the less qualified potential teachers.  

Teaching positions often are based on seniority, which can cause problems. If you have a new teacher, with less experience, but the newest teaching techniques, they will be the first fired, simply because of seniority. This is a very simple and ineffective way to deal with cuts at school. Teachers are all going to have their different strengths and weaknesses, so they should all be judged by their content, not how long they have been a teacher. I suggest yearly evaluations with helpful criticism, so that every teacher knows where he or she stands. Honestly, this seems like the most fair way to deal with this issue.

Albert Shanker, who was the most influential teacher-union leader, thinks that teachers should be able to police themselves; come up with their own curriculum; have a voice in when to remove incompetent teachers. I think all of these are good ideas and would be wise to consider. When comparing American education to the rest of the world, American is only "mediocre," as The Atlantic put it.

Teaching is a very important job, think about it, after being in school for twelve years you are expected to have a basic understanding of basic concepts, to either prepare you for a job or more schooling. A lot of difference can be made with a few changes to the education system, and sometimes change can be a good thing, but other times, change is necessary. 

 Newspaper clipart

USA Today Article

Friday, November 21, 2014

C4K Summary post for November

Comments For Kids

C4K  #8
Mr. Wigmore's Class; Malik's Blog
Malik's latest blog post was a made up story made up from a picture the teacher posted.
This was my comment: "Hi Malik, My name is Emily and I am a student too (EDM310) and i really enjoyed your creative blog post! I saw the creepy picture that you were writing about and I think you did a really good job describing it. Keep up the great work!"

C4K  #9
Mr's Meena's Class; Isaac O's Blog
Issac's latest blog post was a story about a series of soccer matches, which was enjoyable to read. This was my comment: "Hi Issac, My name is Emily and i'm a student at the university of South Alabama and I really enjoyed your post this week. I found it really entertaining and exciting. The story flows very well from scene to scene and that is a very good skill to have when writing. Keep up the good work, and have a great week at school!"

C4K #10
Ms. DeBuhr's Class Tony's Blog
Tony's latest blog post was about his evaluation of the first semester and goals for next semester. This was my comment: "Hi Tony, My name is Emily and I'm a student at the University of South Alabama, and I am very impressed with your quarter evaluation. Sounds like you had a good quarter and I hope it continues for you. I also really liked the vocabulary you included. Keep up the good work!"

                                       rocket ship clip art

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Blog Post #13

Thought cloud with what did I leave out

As a future teacher, resources and technology is changing on a daily basis, research and discuss new technology available to teachers, what you think will be available in the future, and how technology has changed in the past few years. Knowing how far we have come can make one really appreciate where we are and where we are going.

I remember when I first started school the best technology available was a manual projector where you write on transparent sheets, later we had computer labs that we could use as a class every so often. Technology has come a long way from then, with wifi and computers readily available at most schools. Skype, Wikispaces, Edublogs are just a few examples of simple applications to use for teaching that can have big impacts, for example, while studying volcanoes students may be interested to hear from someone who has been inside one, which is possible through using Skype. This type of learning can make a big difference in how students pay attention and are motivated.  

If your class is lucky enough to have Ipads, then there are many student-friendly learning apps available such as Popplet and Google Earth. Students may be more interested in learning when it involves a hands-on approach. While researching these technologies, I discovered another cool tool for students and teachers, called Live Binders, which lets you collect and organize information and websites. It even has a "whiteboard" feature, where you can talk and collaborate with other students. 

More advanced technology is being researched and produced right now, such as the 3-D printer, which is actually available at very few schools. These more advanced tools will continue to grow too, and some day will be readily available at most schools. Technology will continue to grow in the United States, as it does in other countries, to keep up with the world's growth. There is already a lot out there, just waiting for us to find and use, so why shouldn't we? I suggest doing your own research and finding out for yourself what all is available. 

Tools for Teachers
Google Earth
Edu Blogs

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Project #12 Part B

                                                  Group # 2: Emily Parmer, Hollie Faulkner, Porscha Sellers